About Us

Our Board of Directors combines a range of skills and experience including:

  • dairy farming
  • dairy processing
  • marketing dairy products
  • product innovation
  • business planning
  • research


Our Business Model

Our observations on the Australian dairy industry can be summarised as follows:

Milk supply is in decline due to a combination of factors including the current farmgate price regime and a number of restrictive practices impacting on farmers. This is leading to supply shortages and lack of reliable supply chains in all parts of the industry.

There are enormous opportunities to expand Australian supply milk provided that a fair price is paid to farmers commensurate with the international market, and with additional incentives and support provided to farmers.

New industries which rely on milk supply will need to be based on the slow but steady growth that can be achieved as farmers re-establish their herd size.

We have a firm commitment to providing benefits for dairy farmers and improving the sustainability of Australia’s dairy industry in all that we do.